How to Keep Animals Away from Your Dumpster Rental

If you are working on a construction project, cleanup, or any other activity that needs a dumpster rental, then you are most likely expecting to throw away a lot of garbage or recyclables. You likely rented a dumpster rental because you desire an orderly and clean working space. Nevertheless, animals and critters can interfere with that plan. We have gotten numerous questions regarding these intruders and we are here to help. If you wish to keep creatures away from your dumpster rental, then consider these tips. Anybody still trying to find a dumpster rental are invited to call us for premium dumpster rentals of varying sizes.

Keep Food Out

This is the most apparent suggestion. You may already recognize, but it deserves reiterating. If you do not desire pests, bugs, animals, and foul odors around your dumpster rental, then do not place food items into it. Food waste will draw in flies and result in an infestation of maggots. Even raccoons and bears can be a problem as they seek the luring scents from far distances. Keep the food waste in a contained location and throw it out on the day your garbage collectors stop by. Keep food waste out of the dumpster rental.

Cover the Dumpster

Ideally, consider renting a dumpster that has a secure lid. This ought to help keep away even large animals such as raccoons and bears who are known to find their way into dumpsters. If you only have open-top dumpsters available, then think about covering the top with a dumpster cover. Be aware, though, that raccoons are known to eat through barriers and make their way towards their target.

Place Bin On Concrete

Bugs and rats enjoy a cozy and damp area to nest. Setting up your dumpster rental on grass is a terrific way to invite these animals to your home. It can additionally be a legal liability as anything that drips from the dumpster rental onto the lawn will have an easy time polluting ground water. It is best to place the dumpster rental on a concrete slate instead.

Clean It

If you are making numerous trips to the neighborhood go right here dump, then clean out the dumpster after each use. Or else, the gunk, filth, and sludge will accumulate and attract pests as well as horrendous smells. Plus, you ought to remember to cleanse your unit prior to having it delivered.

Utilize Repellants

As we mentioned previously, food waste will attract creatures. If the trash being thrown out is guaranteed to attract pests and you are not able to cover the dumpster, then try using repellants. A mix of ammonia and water is known to keep a variety of pests away, though you ought to be careful that the ammonia does not damage neighboring landscaping. You can also buy commercial repellants. Fox or coyote urine, for instance, work well against squirrels, racoons, skunks, and rabbits.

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